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Max Range 2 200 m.

This model is evolution of basic SVL 2009 design that consistently keeps shooting records  past 2000m. We’re sure its classic design is still hard to beat if you want to get really long range. And when we say long range we mean really-really LONG range. With K-14 this is not a figure of speech.

Accuracy of this rifle line sounds almost impossible. With a new Kazan Sunar slow-burning powder Russian ultra long-range shooters are getting .150 MOA 5-shot qroups. And that with powerful .408 Cheytac - cartridge that hardly anybody can make to shoot. 

Core of the model is our highly reputable KING v.3 action made to the strictest tolerances in the industry. Precise and unbreakable. KING is aircraft aluminum body receiver with stainless steel threaded insert with stainless steel bolt. Sporting new design multi-layered composite stock, made of carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass sandwich. Even more reinforced than before - long and specially shaped aluminum chassis added for more rigidity and use of most powerful cartridges. Cheek-piece mechanism has been also changed towards more shooter friendly design.

Our LOBAEV Hummer Barrels benchrest-grade stainless steel barrel completes the picture.  Built to the highest standards in shooting, these barrels make shooting on-the-edge-of-possible, POSSIBLE. Try once and you’re hooked. 

Operational characteristics:

  • Technical accuracy - 0.33 MOA\9ю5 mm between centers(5 shots at 100m)
  • Maximum Effective Range (tested) - 2200 m
  • Muzzle velocity  - 900 m\s
  • Operational range (Temperature) - -45\+65 C

Technical characteristics:

  • Caliber - .408 Cheytac\.338LM\.300WM 
  • Length – 1430 mm
  • Height - 175 mm
  • Width - 96 mm
  • Weight - 10 kg
  • Barrel length – 780 mm
  • Еrigger pull – adj.
  • Bolt handle - right
  • Bolt action – right
  • Magazine – 5 rounds

Standard package:

  • Barrel contour - SHG 
  • Barrel length – 800mm
  • Caliber – 408 Cheytac
  • Muzzle break - T-Tuner
  • Flutes - 6
  • Bi-pod – none
  • Suppressor – none
  • NV\TV Mount - Dedal OSB-1   
  • Scope mount - STD Picatiny rail
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Designed, manufactured and assembled in Russia.