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Lobaev Arms

Ultra Long-range model is the only and one-of-a-kind rifle, showing outstanding capabilities at ranges well exceeding 2000m - Bugatti Veyron of the rifles world.

This model is a new model of 2014 for Ultra Long Range. We’re sure its classic design is still hard to beat if you want to get really long range. We mean really-really LONG range.

We like simple designs. But pure skeletons in our opinion are hard to make shooting small groups for several reasons. We believe our skeleton must be built around at least small but some chassis. That’s how we’ve come up with concept of Tactical Sniper Vintovka Lobaev (TSVL).

New tactical rifle for Cheytac cartridge family is a separate TSVL model. Like in TSVL-8 its receiver lays on micro-chassis and compound for maximum accuracy.

New DXL model for Ultra Long-range solutions: counter-sniper, sporting and hunting.

Long range sniper rifle on aircraft aluminum chassis that has accuracy rivaling benchrest rifles and yet BBgun recoil.

Less weight and length with almost no effect on Maximum Effective Range.

Silent and compact weapon + new proprietary ammo = range and energy close to supersonic 308Win. This is new DVL - 10 model. 

Designed, manufactured and assembled in Russia.