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RS1A3 Minirex

  • Description
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Light mobile tactical robot with firing module, opening new line of robotic systems - Lobaev Robotics.
The robot is intended for search missions in risky environments, counter-terror missions as mobile frontline unit or fire support mean in assault and other types of police and urban operations.

In comparison with other robots on the market it's fairly small and lightweight (can be carried in a backpack) and has more universal firing capabilities.

Fields of use:

  • Seek and destroy types of mission, incl. multistory buildings
  • As advanced fire vehicle for an assault team 
  • As mobile fire support unit in urban combat and open country 
  • Demining
  • Mine planting (exm. doors during forced entry)
Main functional features:

  • confident stairs climbing
  • equipped with hand-manipulator
  • lifts loads by hand
  • peeks into windows (interior or parked car)
  • fires lethal and non-lethal types of rounds
Main technical features:

  • Sealed and shockproof
  • Works in dust, snow and rain conditions
  • Battery change in the field without tools
  • Extra mounting points for external modules
  • Repair  via. standard blocks replacement
  • Frirng module cannot be used separately (for exm. if forcefully removed from the robot)
  • Automatic anв semiautomatic control mode

Operational and technical characteristics:

Firing module:

  • Caliber: 7.62х39mm (basic package), 9х39mm, 338LW, 40LW
  • Barrel length: 200mm - assault version, 400mm - universal one
  • Round type: lethal, non-lethal
  • Effective range: 1m-400+m
  • Mode: semi-auto/auto
  • Rate of fire: adjustable
  • Feed: magazine
  • Type: standard AK magazine
  • Laser pointer: yes 

  • 1 aiming camera
  • 4 cameras  for 360 deg. view
  • 1 optic zoom camera (х24)
  • Stereovision
-Laser scanner
-Time on one battery charge:

  • 2-4 hours in driving mode
  • 15 hours in surveillance modeшних моделй: 5
-Mounting points for external modules: 5
-Protection calss: IP68 (dustproof anв submerging in water up to 1 meter)
-Speed: 5-8 km/h
-Lifted load weight: 3 kg
-Operational temperatures: -35С...+45С 
-Board info: CAN и Ethernet
-Operational radio band: 412 MHz
-Weight: 23 kg
-Firing module lifting height: 1.4 meters

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Designed, manufactured and assembled in Russia.