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SVLK-14 Memento Mori

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This model is a custom collection version of basic SVL 2014 design in 408 Cheytac, starting new brand line - Lobaev Custom. This exactly rifle has set a new world record for the longest shot - 3720 yards. 

The model is built around our unique KING v.4 action made in 2 samples. Receivers shape has been changed, detachable long rail on top of it and new recoil lug added. 

In the custom bolt titanium firing pin is used for lesser lock time. 

To the composite stock titanium chassis is integrated for more rigidity.

This custom SVL model is intentionally left with single-shot action to provide needed stiffness for Ultra-Long range as well as versatility of having several different boltfaces in one rifle (Cheytac, Supermagnum, Magnum). 

The rifle has MacMillan stock with pistol grip and rails. 

Our LOBAEV Hummer Barrels benchrest-grade stainless steel barrel completes the picture.  barrel is bore is matched with our new D30 bullet for higher velocity, but will also work with any factory 408 bullet. 

The rifle is equipped with detachable 260 MOA rail and butt-stock height adapter.

Power of the new Lobaev custom rifle (Russian)

Standard package:

  • Barrel contour - SHG 
  • Barrel length – 780mm
  • Caliber – 408 Cheytac
  • Muzzle break - T-Tuner
  • Flutes - 6
  • Bi-pod – TC
  • NV\TV Mount - Dedal OSB-1   
  • Scope mount - STD Picatiny rail
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Designed, manufactured and assembled in Russia.