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DXL-4 new evolution development completed

Development of the new evolution DXL-4 completed, 408CT and some others. 


Sales starting beginning of 2016. 
Comparing to the current version, 2016 yesr model is equipped with new stock module: with integrated recoild dampening system, convenient "third leg" monopod and new adjustment logic and ergonomics. 

The model in terms of extreme range qualities will reach top of the line SVLK-14 2015 year model, that is will provide reliable effective range 2500+ meters on human size targets. 

New in-house manufactured 5-rounds .408CT mag will be available. 


Currently optional new 4-port T-tuner (T6.2) will become basic for the model.  

The rifle will get new anatomic grip.

For DXL-4 2015 owners upgrade to 2016 level will be available. 

Designed, manufactured and assembled in Russia.